Potchefstroom Community Network


Firstly, we don't have any internet connectivity available. It is illegal to sell internet connectivity on a non-commercial community network. You may find somebody on the network that will share their internet connection with you, but we can't provide internet connectivity as a resource.

Most of these links are internal to the network, and won't work if you are accessing this site from the internet

This site
The one you're looking at now. A quick way to test your connection to PCN is to open this website in your browser once you've connected to the network.

Coming Soon: Jabber Server
Jabber Instant Messaging server. You will need a client like Miranda IM to access it. A more complete list of compatible clients is available at http://www.jabber.org/software/clients.shtml

Central FTP Server
Central FTP repository, contains a number of Linux distributions and other useful free utilities