Potchefstroom Community Network


To answer your second question: No, we don't sell internet.

The Potchefstroom Community Network is a non-profit grassroots effort by members of the community to provide a broadband network between it's members, using inexpensive off-the-shelf (WiFi) radio networking equipment, operating in the license-exempt 2.4GHz frequency spectrum.

In plain english - we are creating a fast, affordable network that can be used for collaboration, instant messaging, live video and audio streaming, file sharing and gaming between members of the local community. Have a look at the Resources section to see some of the services available.

In good coverage areas, this network is orders of magnitude faster than most commercial broadband offerings, and apart from purchasing your own inexpensive radio networking equipment, and a little effort to get it up and running, it will essentially be free to use - e.g. there is no subscription or rental to be paid. For those interested in the numbers, normal throughput speed varies between 1Mb/s and 20Mb/s, and latency is generally under 20ms. Highly desirable, indeed. Note: Being a radio network, these figures are heavily dependent on good signal strength.

Instructions for connecting to the network is under Connect!, and if you were wondering about the type of equipment to use, have a look at the Equipment section.